Do you know about Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plans?

There are seven Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plans (regional implementation plans) currently being developed by Victorian waste and resource recovery groups (WRRGs).

What is the objective of the regional implementation plans?

The objective of the regional implementation plans is to identify local waste and resource recovery infrastructure and service needs and how these could be met over at least the next 10 years for each waste and resource recovery region.

The information gathered will assist in achieving:

  • a reduction in the waste going into landfill
  • increased resource recovery and improved industry viability
  • the management of landfill and resource recovery facilities to provide the best economic, community, environment and public health outcomes for local communities

Once the regional implementation plans are approved by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change and Water their priorities and directions will be integrated into the 30 year Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan (state infrastructure plan).

 What difference will a regional implementation plan make?

The information and robust data gathered on existing and potential waste and resource recovery activities will aim to:

  • stimulate markets for recovered resources
  • improve the recovery of organic materials
  • facilitate investment for improved infrastructure
  • facilitate collaborative procurement for infrastructure and services and
  • provide confidence to industry and local government to invest.


 How you can get involved?

Development of these regional implementation plans will include community, business and local governments and will include cross region discussions to integrate priorities and directions.

The WRRGs have approximately one year to prepare their regional implementation plans (except the metro regional implementation plan has a shorter time frame).

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