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  • Disposing of household waste that may have had contact with COVID-19

    The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has provided information on how to safely dispose of household waste that may have had contact with COVID-19. COVID-19 is spread from person to person most likely through: • close contact with an infectious person • contact with droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze; or • touching objects […]

  • COVID-19

    The GVWRRG office has moved to a virtual office in response to COVID-19, with all staff working remotely. Staff remain contactable through a range of different technologies and platforms. You can contact staff by: Email –; Mobile phone – if you don’t know someone’s mobile number check their email signature; Teleconference – your service […]

  • Transforming recycling in Victoria

    A complete overhaul of Victoria’s recycling system will transform the sector and achieve a cleaner, greener Victoria with better recycling, less pollution, more jobs and a stronger economy. Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Environment Lily D’Ambrosio recently announced a suite of new policies under the Recycling Victoria package, designed to position Victoria as a […]

  • A clean region for everyone to enjoy – Regional Litter and Illegal Dumping Plan

    The Goulburn Valley Regional Litter and Illegal Dumping Plan identifies a series of regional priorities and actions in relation to litter and illegal dumping across the region. The GVWRRG worked with Campaspe Shire, Greater Shepparton City Council, Moira Shire, Murrindindi Shire, Mitchell Shire and Strathbogie Shire to develop the plan, which was funded by the […]


The Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group (GVWRRG) is a Statutory Authority established under the Environment Protection Act 1970 (the EP Act). The organisation commenced operating on 1 August 2014.

GVWRRG is the link between state, local governments, community and industry and is responsible for facilitating a coordinated approach to the planning and delivery of infrastructure and services for all waste streams, municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial and industrial waste (C& I) and construction and demolition waste (C&D).

The organisation has a central office, located at Shepparton to service the Goulburn Valley waste and resource recovery region which extends from the New South Wales border through to the outer suburbs of Melbourne.


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Recycle Your Mobile

Did you know that 90% of the materials in mobile phones can be recycled? Yet only 3% of mobile phones in Australia are currently being recycled.

Aluminium Cans

Recycling one aluminium beverage can saves enough energy to run a 100-watt bulb for 20 hours, a computer for 3 hours or a tv for 2 hours.


Producing new plastic from recycled material uses only two-thirds of the energy required to manufacture it from raw materials.