• Kathryn Maddox

  • Darren Ritchie

  • Nick Nagle

  • Tracy Taylor

  • Kate Marr

The board

The Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group (GVWRRG) Board is made up of 8 directors appointed by the state government: four skills based directors are selected by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, and four are nominated collectively by the 6 councils that belong to the Goulburn Valley Local Government Waste Forum. The Chair is appointed by the Minister and selected from the four forum-nominated board members.

The board has responsibilities that include:

  • approving, where appropriate, policies and recommendations from sub-committees and staff
  • monitoring, reviewing and recommending changes on internal strategies and policies
  • participating in the development of the GVWRRG Business Plan, Waste Plan, Constitution, Education Strategy and Annual Report
  • considering and approving the Annual Budget
  • appointing the Executive Officer
  • assisting in the development of and maintaining positive relations among the board, committees, staff, stakeholders and the community

Board composition

The current GVWRRG Board directors are as follows:

  • Director Seema Abdullah (Chair) – Forum nominated
  • Director David Lowe – Forum nominated
  • Director Leigh Wilson – Forum nominated
  • Director Eric Lording – Forum nominated

The following skills-based directors were appointed by Ministerial appointment:

  • Director Geoff Dobson (Deputy Chair)
  • Director Andrea Richards
  • Director Vanessa Petrie
  • Director Wendy Jones

  • Wendy Jones

  • Vanessa Petrie

  • Eric Lording

  • Leigh Wilson

  • David Lowe

  • Seema Abdullah

  • Geoff Dobson

  • Andrea Richards