The Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group (GVWRRG) works with partner councils to plan for infrastructure and investment in the delivery of waste and resource recovery services. It ensures councils understand the range of opportunities associated with strategic decision options and the associated policy and commercial frameworks to guide planning and procurement.

GVWRRG’s role and expertise reflects a strong understanding of council’s commitment to educate and ensure economic value via waste management and deliverables related to resource recovery.

Assistance provided by GVWRRG to councils includes:

  • advising on best practice guidelines in waste management and resource recovery technologies
  • coordinating education and awareness-raising programs for the community
  • commissioning and undertaking research into waste management and resource efficiency
  • assisting councils to procure waste management services from waste service providers
  • managing contracts and arrangements between councils and the providers of waste management services and facilities to those councils
  • assessing the need and planning for waste management infrastructure and landfills in the Goulburn Valley.

Below are links to the 6 partner council’s waste and resource recovery web pages: