The Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group (GVWRRG) encourages the adoption of best practice approaches to waste management and resource recovery. There are a range of resources available to councils including:

  • Kerbside waste audit guidelines
  • Resource recovery centres – best practice guidelines
  • Landfill Best Practice Environmental Management (BPEM).

Guidelines for auditing kerbside waste in Victoria

These guidelines are for use by councils and contractors when planning and carrying out physical audits. The guidelines provide a methodology for weight-based physical audits according to categories of materials types. Use of the guidelines will allow comparisons of waste and recycling management systems over time. Access the guidelines here.

Guide to best practice at resource recovery centres

The Guide to Best Practice at Resource Recovery Centres (2009) addresses best practice planning and siting, design and construction, operation and management and rehabilitation of resource recovery centres/transfer stations:

The guide should be used by all stakeholders involved in the establishment, operation or management of resource recovery centres or transfer stations open to the public including:

  • those involved in planning, siting, design, construction and operation
  • operators, managers, equipment suppliers and contractors
  • local communities that use or accommodate resource recovery centres.

Best practice environmental management – siting, design, operation and rehabilitation of landfills

The Environment Protection Authority’s Best Practice Environmental Guidelines for the Siting, Design, Operation and Rehabilitation of Landfills (Landfill BPEM) 2010 has recently been reviewed to incorporate new technology and the latest understanding of improved management practices at landfills.

Current and proposed landfill disposal contracts will need to conform to this revised compliance framework.

The process of continuous improvement will ultimately result in requirements for landfill operations to meet new or increased pre-sort resource recovery, diversion and energy recovery rates. This will have implications for councils using landfill disposal contracts as well as landfill operators as these new requirements will need to be addressed in future contracts.

Increased or new resource recovery, diversion and energy recovery targets are likely to help drive innovations in landfill cell design and operational practices. These targets will also encourage upgrading and improvement of existing landfills using established technology to improve performance.