Professional development

Apart from educating the community in waste and resource recovery activities, the GVWWRG endeavours to support the 6 Goulburn Valley member councils in identifying any knowledge gaps and promoting professional development.

Twenty-six participants from 9 councils, 2 waste contractors and 2 waste and resource recovery groups completed a Certificate 4 in Asset Maintenance (Waste Management). The Victorian government’s funded education incentives reduced the financial burden to councils to enrol their staff.

Regionally based technical tours provided the Certificate 4 participants with the opportunity to view and learn from their neighbouring councils.

Regional training creates many benefits to the participants, as it strengthens networks and generates debate/conversation on regional issues. The training aids staff to commit to their organisations and the waste industry.

The qualification also assisted participants to secure pay rises through their council, due to up-skilling and taking on more responsibility.

Waste and resource recovery managers commented on the benefits of the Certificate 4 qualification to their organisations:

‘I can see a dramatic change in daily operations at our landfill. I once had to tell my workers what they need to do, they now tell me they need to do and what we need to change’ J Smyth – Waste Management Coordinator, Mitchell Shire Council.

‘The Certificate 4 really provided a high replication benefit throughout the state, which will has the potential to create a legacy for the industry’ N Nagle – Executive Officer, GVWRRG

‘A lot of unintended benefits have been uncovered , including an appetite for further study and high degree of ownership and pride the participants demonstrated’ N Nagle – Executive Officer, GVWRRG.