Residents encouraged to share how they manage textile waste

We are seeking to better understand how residents and businesses manage textile waste in the home and workplace through an online community survey, open until midnight Monday 15 February 2021.

The survey results will be used to help develop a pilot waste avoidance program that will aim to reduce textile waste in the region. Textile waste includes items such as discarded or unwanted clothing, shoes, towels, pillows, sheets and blankets. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete, is confidential and anonymous and individual responses will be collated and analysed as group data. As an incentive, participants can provide their email address to enter a draw to win a $50 gift card.

Goulburn Valley residents are invited to complete the community survey and share how they consume, care for and dispose of different textile-based products in their day to day lives. Textile waste is one stream of waste many of us give little thought to, despite our reliance and daily usage of a variety of textile products. Estimates from waste generation assessments in 2018-19 reveal Victoria generated 55,000 tonnes of textile waste over one year, while only 1,000 tonnes were recovered, representing a recovery rate of less than one per cent.

The opportunity to better understand how textile waste is generated and whether households contemplate avoidance or minimisation measures supports the reuse, repair, and share sectors and is underpinned by the waste hierarchy which places an emphasis on reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and recovery; with disposal a last resort.

Click here to complete the survey.


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