Resource Recovery Collective – Hume

The Goulburn Valley and North East Waste and Resource Recovery Groups are working to support councils and alpine resorts with a regional collaborative tender for waste and recycling services, as part of the ‘Resource Recovery Collective – Hume’. The initiative will support the ongoing delivery of essential waste and recycling services beyond current contracts, and provide an opportunity for councils and alpine resorts to implement the Victorian Government’s circular economy policy.

The Resource Recovery Collective will seek to ensure councils and alpine resorts from across the Hume region continue to lead the state in the diversion of waste from landfill, whilst supporting the achievement of sustainable regional circular economy opportunities and economic growth.

Whilst tender participants and their required waste streams are yet to be finalised, the scope of the tender is proposed to include the collection, transport and disposal/processing of:

  • commingled recycling
  • glass
  • food organics and green organics (FOGO), and
  • residual waste.

The market approach is currently being prepared for review and approval by ACCC, however it is anticipated that the tender will be released to the market by May 2022 and will be broadly advertised.

Project delivery is being supported with professional advisors including technical, legal and probity expertise, to ensure the best outcomes can be achieved.

No further information is available at this time and prospective tenderers should note that any direct approach to councils or alpine resort management boards with regard to this procurement is strictly prohibited and may result in any submitted tender being put aside.

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