Take Your E-waste To A Better Place

E-waste is any item with a plug, battery or power cord that is no longer working or wanted. The Victorian Government recently introduced a ban which prevents e-waste being placed in any bin or landfill.

Unwanted e-waste, or electronic waste, from the home, office or shed can be dropped at one of the designated e-waste drop-off points located within your shire.

Your unwanted e-waste is transferred to a reprocesser where it is shredded, sorted and repurposed. E-waste is recovered in a number of ways, depending on the item and can be repurposed for use in new batteries, electronics, homewares and more.

Valuable materials recovered from e-waste include:
• gold
• silver
• copper
• aluminium
• platinum
• cobalt

By disposing of your e-waste correctly and dropping it at designated drop-off point you are protecting the environment by:
• Reducing what is sent to landfill
• Keeping harmful materials contained in e-waste out of the environment
• Reducing greenhouse gases created in the production of new material

Visit www.ewaste.vic.gov.au or contact your local council to find your nearest e-waste drop-off point.

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